About the Office

Our Reason For Being Here

This office exists because of our absolute conviction that the body is a self-healing mechanism. The intelligent force that creates and organizes this life and this body is organized through the nervous system.

When interfered with, this system and the body malfunction, producing dis-ease incoordination, illness and an impaired vision of the world.

We know, without a doubt, that a person free of this interference, called subluxation, and its damaging consequences will think more clearly, function more fully and live a life of continually unfolding potential

We are here to provide inspiring healing. We invite everyone into our office so that they may have the opportunity to reach optimal health and wellness

Our mission is a chiropractic community

Our vision is of a world that has the opportunity to be subluxation free.       

Only with your help can we even begin to accomplish that.


About your visits

Your first visit will be sixty to ninety minutes. I'll ask you some questions and you'll give me some answers and we'll try to arrive at a starting point for you. Also on the first visit you'll be x-rayed unless x-rays are contra-indicated, and if possible you'll be adjusted on that visit. An adjustment is a specific usually gentle force applied to the spine for the purpose of reducing nerve pressure or interference.

Your next visit will be thirty to forty-five minutes, where we'll discuss your condition a little more in detail. Visits after that are generally fifteen to thirty minutes.


About Insurance

Some indemnity insurances will contribute to care in my office. Most HMO's and PPO's will not, since I am not a member.

It is your resposibility to determine if your particular insurance will participate in coverage in my particular office. Until we know for sure, you will be considered a cash patient.

Medicare patients are cash patients and will be partially re-imbursed by Medicare,which we bill for you.