About the Office

Our Reason For Being Here

This office exists because of our absolute conviction that the body is a self  healing mechanism. The intelligent force that creates and organizes this life  and this body is organized through the nervous system.

When interfered with, this system and the body malfunction, producing  dis-ease incoordination, illness and an impaired vision of the world.

 We know, without a doubt, that a person free of this interference, called subluxation, and its damaging consequences will think more clearly, function more fully and live a life of continually unfolding potential

We are here to provide inspiring healing. We invite everyone into our office so that they may have the opportunity to reach optimal health and wellness

Our mission is a chiropractic community

Our vision is of a world that has the opportunity to be subluxation free.       

Only with your help can we even begin to accomplish that.


 Welcome to the Ward Chiropractic Office. In the following paragraphs we would like to try to answer some of the more common questions about chiropractic and explain some of the policies and procedures of this facility.

  The first thing that needs to be understood is that chiropractic is a natural form of the healing arts which depends on the body's natural ability to heal itself and maintain its own health There are no drugs in this office and no

 shots. The principle at work here is that all of the actions of the body are operated and co-ordinated by the central nervous system. our mutual concern, then, is the condition of the central nervous system in general, and more specifically, how it is affected by its principal means of support the spine.

  Sometimes, when a person has a headache, an aspirin tablet may be taken through the mouth and enter the stomach. Although the problem is in neither of these last two places, they serve as avenues of approach" for the reduction of the headache symptoms. Similarly, the spine is the chiropractors "avenue of approach". Much as the aspirin needs to pass through the stomach to reach the head, the chiropractor needs to use the spine to reach the nerve system. There are twenty-four moveable segments of the spine and if any one of them moves enough to irritate the spinal cord or delicate nerve roots that pass between them, the result is malfunction of those nerves; which, in turn, affects the functions of the body.

  The object of chiropractic care is to locate and to correct as completely as possible these misaligninents, called subluxations, to reduce the pressure on the nerves and to restore normal function to the body.

  On the first visit, your will be asked to complete a health history outlining for us such things as old injuries, chronic problems, present complaints and other symptoms that may be present. Next is a consultation with Dr. Ward to discuss your situation in better detail. An examination follows in which reflexes we examined, ranges of motion we measured, a surface EMG is performed, etc. This not only helps to provide an accurate and objective measure of your condition at the time of this visit, but also helps to show improvement as subsequent dates.

  Although the health professions, including chiropractic we stilt largely an art form (called the healing arts), the act of actually locating and determining the delivery of the spinal adjustment is becoming more and more scientific Every important tool in the analysis of the spine, it's condition and the determination of the adjustment is the spinal x-ray. There is a small sign in our x-ray office that reads:

To see is to know
Not to see is to guess,
And we won't guess about your health.

X-rays are therefore taken during the first visit.

  Under normal circumstances, it is preferable to be able to take time to analyze and study the x-rays and to correlate them with the examination. The patient is asked to return the following day for a second consultation which includes a presentation of the findings, and explanation of the x-rays and a suggested plan of care. Members of the patient's family are asked and encouraged to join the patient at this consultation. This allows for any questions to be answered to everyone's satisfaction. The first adjustment is then given and the healing process is begun. Under certain circumstances, such as very acute pain or very long traveling distances, the adjustment may be given later on the same day as the first visit.


  Although many of you wilt consider visiting this office for treatment of pain symptoms, others we here for a variety of other physical ailments, or wellness care It is important to understand that these symptoms, which are vitally important to both of us, are actually not in themselves the problem, but rather an indication of a problem or situation somewhere in the body; and while we would like to try to help you to relieve that pain, or other symptom, our ultimate goal in this office is to try to help to find the cause of the malfunction and to help to correct it as completely and quickly as possible. Spinal misalignments cause spraining and some tearing of the surrounding ligaments and other tissues when the segments are realigned, these tissues are given a chance to heal- The process of correction and the healing of these tissues may take several months. During that time it will be  important that you allow your spine and its tissues ample time and opportunity to heal, and imperative that you keep your appointment schedule  so that those spinal segments remain stable enough so that they can fully heal. If you miss an appointment, it is very important to "make it up".  Many of you will decide, as others have, one you have recovered from. your symptoms and gained a correction, that you will not want to suffer again as you suffered before, and will schedule appointments for regular chiropractic spinal evaluations and adjustments, if needed.

  Incidentally, there is no age limit on the need for regular chiropractic care.  Young children frequently need spinal adjustments and respond quite quickly since many of their problems are not particularly chronic. Most children enjoy these adjustments Those of you who are not so young and have had long standing problems will usually find that you will feel better and healthier than you may have under alternate methods of care because chiropractic looks to correct a cause rather than to treat an effect.


  Most patients who come to this office are primarily concerned, initially, with their symptoms, and rightly so Some are not too concerned, at first, about fees, but a few words here are appropriate. Some insurance companies do cover the cost of and reimburse for chiropractic care. We here at the Ward Chiropractic Office will be happy to accept payment directly from the company if that is the case, provided that you supply us with the proper forms. It is necessary for you to understand, however, that an insurance policy is a contract between you, the insured, and the company, and that the ultimate responsibility for payment rests with you, the patient.

  We ask those of you who are covered by Medicare to pay us directly. We will, of course, complete your forms and submit them for you.

 As noted, care is usually for a somewhat extended period of time.  Most of you will be paying cash for your care here. We will do all that we can to arrange a convenient method of payment for you.

  For many of you, health will be a new experience. The process of regaining health can sometimes be a long and frustrating one but it is exciting and well worth the effort It requires that we work in partnership to that end. It can sometimes be a difficult task, even with your full cooperation, without that cooperation, it is often virtually impossible to achieve.

  The staff at Ward Chiropractic attends seminars to try to stay abreast of the latest advances in chiropractic so that we may give you the best care possible In return for our efforts, we ask that you follow our suggestions as closely as you can, and that you share the news of your newly regained health with your friends.

 Office visits are now $40.00 , and re- evaluation visits are $60.00